Why İvno?

Easy to Use

Insert and Make yourself Comfortable

It is very easy to use due to its ergonomic structure. All you have to do is find the folding shape that suits you and insert it like a tampon. İvno Menstrual Cup with its high amount of liquid holding capacity provides up to 12 hours of continuous protection.


Clean and Reliable

Your well-deserved Comfort is Here

The pads and tampons absorb the liquid, due to their structure, while the İvno Menstrual Cup accumulates it. In this way, there is no moistening, itching, odour and bacteria production in the inner and outer areas of the vagina. The menstrual cup made of medical silicone allows you to move safely without causing any irritations on your body.



No More Pad and Tampon Stocking

It is sufficient to buy the menstrual cup once, which you can use up to 5 years without any problems with proper use and care. You will not be able to give up on the İvno Menstrual Cup, which is bought once in return for thousands of pads and tampons that have been used by spending a lot of money for years.